Hey, look, it’s about me.

Hi there! I'm Chris.

I'm a multidisciplinary Digital Artist and UI / UX designer based in Poland.

My name is Krzysztof Banaś - I know, It must sound crazy to you, if you're not from Poland, so just call me Chris.

I love clean, simple and minimalist designs. I conceptualize ideas, design and make beautiful things to print from the ground up. I beautify cluttered interfaces and give them the breathing space they need. If you are looking for something special and you don’t know if I can do what you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When I'm not busy weaving pixels, I love listening to music, learning calligraphy, playing on my guitars and doing some fun stuff.

Let’s work together!

Krzysztof Banas

Times are tough,
remember not to forget...

Smooth seas do not
make skillful sailors.

Some examples of recent work...